My old ‘Traditional’ World to Today

Hi and welcome to my blog, Thank you so much for having a look ūüôā and I hope that I can inspire you to make any changes you so desire …¬†

First things first though, I thought my very first blog post should be about me from the beginning, I am a 30 something year old Yorkshire girl Рborn and bred! I am in fact still in Yorkshire, although I have moved in and out over the past 10+ years Рbut never the less the heart lies in this familiar neck of the woods. I would like to point out that anyone watching my vidoes, lives or Vlogs (etc) in the future may notice that the accent fluctuates from broad to mild Yorkshire and this is not a deliberate attempt to hide my origins or anything deep like that but merely a necessity so that the non-Yorkshire folk stand a chance of understanding the actual words.

Anyway, my old life was, I can only assume, an attempt on being traditional, you know the 2.4 children family consisting of the nice, secure family home, perfectly mannered children, a Labrador by the fire in the semi-detached – obviously this is what hindsight has made me realise, at the time I was convinced that this was me and how my life should be and that I wanted it to be – how naive¬†of me thinking I just wanted to be ‘normal’. Striving for this normality got me absolutely no-where, made me at times quite miserable¬†and a person that I am not particularly proud of and that actually became very, very lost. Don’t¬†get me wrong I believe in traditional family values and I suppose to a certain extent envy people who do have that ideal but its just not my life and it has taken me 30 years (give or take a few) to draw this conclusion and accept it.

I will not go on and on with the boring in between¬†bits, from then to now, but basically a house move (or two), a battle with anxiety, a career shift and a divorce later, what I did gain from that ‘old’ life was my 3 boys and they are my world ‘old or new’ and we are now developing together in to a non-traditional, slightly crazy unit – and this is my new world and you know what it may not be traditional but it is mine (If only I had realised this 15 years ago, Right?) – Hey Ho! Better late than never.

The short version …¬†

  • Career – Always in the Care Industry and my heart does lie in this industry to a certain extent and I often think about it and how sad I am that it is in a lot of aspects becoming broken. I fear the needed changes in to our Elderly Care Sector may never happen, however, this is not what made me resign but family life / Childcare cost and concerns / Family time and I am sure a lot of my audience can name some more.
  • The next problems? The need to earn money, The need to stay at home with my children, The need to be independent and have something for me that works around the family? hmmm sounding familiar yet?
  • I started my own little business – Spoilt Paws, a dog walking / Pet Sitting Service – excellent… So, my day job is a Dog Walker and I love it (I am still no thinner than I was sitting behind my office desk, by the way, but that is a whole other blog or two).
  • A few months later in the summer of 2017 comes the school playground and this is where my magic happened …. Yes, the summer fayre at my youngest sons primary school – I volunteered to have a ‘Younique’ Makeover, from a friend and fellow mum and the rest as they say is history …

In July 2017 I decided to take the most unplanned, completely opposite to what I ever thought I could or would be able to do opportunity of my life and I became a Younique Presenter – The real self-development journey begins.





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A Weekend of Gratitude

Good Evening, How is your Jan going so far? Mine is a tale of two stories at the moment but anyway, I come from a very corporate world and so have never really understood Personal Development (outside of work) or Inspiration as I have never really had the need to look beyond my office walls. My understanding has been so limited that I never even knew where to look for inspiration if I did need some, not realising that it is actually everywhere if you just LISTEN and that I do need it … daily.

So, my new world as I have previously said, has shown me the need to be inspired and take in what is all around us and this weekend has been the absolute start for me of what been inspired actually means. 

I was lucky enough to go to an event put on by a VERY successful team of Younique ladies / bossbabes in their own right (Big up Y-Sisters) in Bolton, it was a very early start and after a 1 hour 30 min drive and an obligatory McDonald’s breakfast we arrived, to a whole staircase full of ‘Y Celebs’ and I don’t think I have ever been quite so star struck AND they were queuing with us just like normal people funnily enough.¬†


Amber Voight Selfie

The speaking began 8am prompt and there were so many light bulb moments for me that the second I got home I got to work and began re-thinking me and what I stand for, realising my visions, creating my vision board and stamping down my purpose to myself. 

We had a lovely, larger than life chap called Shaun Browne as a guest speaker and he was very good at keeping it simply real, and the light bulb moment from him, for me, was that ‘we are all enough’.

True Story …We are all in fact born without a care in the world, knowing that we are enough, eating only when hungry, not caring what face we are pulling or whether we are naked or have drool down our chops, if we could bottle this care free ‘I am me attitude and I do not give a damn what anyone else thinks’ and keep it for life it would be a whole new ball game. We would do more of what we want and less of what other people think we should do, we would wear whatever we fancied, even if the colours didn’t match, and spend our money on anything we chose and it seems that this is what most of us are striving for, carefree happiness, but we all had it in the first place. Where did it go? that I am not sure, but from now on tell your children, and yourself, everyday that they/you are enough. Thank you Shaun Brown, I shall make this a priority.

I realised that the one thing the Y-sisters have in common is pure grit and determination and they never gave up and were all worthy of a spot on that stage sharing there triumphs and tribulations on the road to success, both in business and in their personal lives. They all had a purpose and they never gave up on the dream. I have always believed that I am destined for more and now I know I am and that the power of the mind is unstoppable – I am ready and equip into realigning with the universe, to work my socks off and reach for the stars.

Do not look too far for inspiration – it will be right there in front of you, in a friend or family member or even a neighbour or workmate you just have to listen and hear what people are telling you.



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Personal Development or not?

I am all about Personal Development this week, I have always been a doubting Thomas when it comes to this stuff and if anyone even mentioned ‘Law of Attraction’ or listen to ‘The Universe’ I was the first eye roller in the room.

Have you ever just felt lost or like you have forgotten your path?

What I have come to realise over the last 12 months or so, is that only you can help you, and I even though I have lovely family and support network, my life is still mine and changes cannot be made for me. It is not a negative trigger either, like my life sucks and everything is horrible sort of thing, it is just about being in control of my own destiny and determining where I want to be with a positive attitude. 

Leaving the corporate world was a HUGGEE leap of faith but I had to do it as you will have already read by now and I always thought Id just tick along nicely with a steady job / decent company. I now think that happened because I can be so much more than that – I can live my own dream instead of someone elses and there is no other feeling quite like that, some may call it freedom.

Anyway, the problem with freedom are the options that come with it there is no direct path or rule that you need to follow anymore and so I did a bit of everything. My Pet company I offered Dog walking, Handmade Pet related items, Kitty Calls and Pet sitting, then with my little Younique business I just dabbled and made it my fun, girly hobby, switching from lipstick to lashes in a heartbeat, too many options DOES NOT HELP – I became unfocused on a particular service, it was messy and my potential customers didn’t have a clue what I was doing either – this was my first lesson of being free and so I sought advice from family / friends etc and just started marketing my most popular service / product … I believe this is called finding your ‘niche’.

Niche found and mojo with it, I focused on building my 2 little empires but with a lot less products / services and funnily enough when people realised what I was actually offering I started to generate interest and even some custom. voila.

Fast forward 6 months and I have 2 businesses that are doing okay on a very part time basis and I have developed a small customer base on both (for which I am very grateful) so what next? …. Next starts with ME.

I need to be the best version of myself to continue to grow and develop and promote my ventures to get the to the next level and so today was the beginning of a new chapter – I have downloaded an Audio Book Called ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero and I have listened to 5 chapters and guess what? I Like it. It makes sense and I am absorbing it like a sponge, taking it all in and applying it to my good self and my world.

I do know that one notion that I have heard a lot is correct ‘People buy in to people and not products’ so I want to be self developed – still me just a better, more inspiring me – my children deserve that too.

So, the morale of the blog is that if you have a business idea or you have already taken your acorn to the first level do not give in – take a step back, evaluate your journey so far with an open mind and see what is going well and what is not. Do not be afraid to change your acorn in to a smaller acorn or even a pink acorn if the need arises, just do what is going to benefit you and/or your business … Do not allow yourself to drown.

Develop yourself and your business or whatever it is that is keeping you going or even holding you back – you deserve to be the absolute best version of yourself and to live in a positive bubble where you are not swamped by negative feelings / opinions or lives.

My advice when you feel lost or low – Step Back and figure out why.



The Festive Period is Over …


Evening all, So how did you all spend your festivities? With family / friends or maybe at work?

A lot of my friends are from the care sector and so have been working over the holidays and this is the 1st year I have not been in the same sector doing exactly the same thing – WOW! How life changes.

This Christmas was spent all together, which was another positive reminder as to why I chose this route over my career, I cooked dinner (I am a terrible cook) but somehow always pull off a Sunday Roast / Christmas Dinner but hand me some toast and its burnt guaranteed. We had both family and friends round and the kids played with their gifts and just enjoyed us all being together – we then get poorly and very lazy so spent the New Year eating, sneezing, coughing and watching trashy TV and old movies, but hey who doesnt right?


2018 is going to be amazing I am sure of that and fully intend to take the bull by the proverbial horns and make it amazing should things start to go a little pear shaped … I read an inspirational quote today and I loved it¬†


Obviously, I am choosing success.

So, I intend to lose a few pounds this year and start feeling a little less hefty, you’d think as a dog walker Id be losing a few here and there, but no the weight just loves to cling on, but I am being good and treating myself well – NO FOOD AFTER 6PM (cannot give up the coffee though) and ALWAYS HAVE A HEALTHY BREAKFAST – Its a start anyway.¬†

I intend to take my Dog Walking / Kitty Call Business to the next level and support all my lovely customers throughout the year and their gorgeous pets, tending to all their four-legged needs. I doubt there is any other job satisfaction quite like the gratitude when you show up to take a dog on its walk.

Thirdly, I have introduced 2 family nights in to our routine, 1. Board Games night. 2.Friday Movie night = Less Xbox time and more interaction with actual people rather than an electronic device and hopefully I will be adding to the Mummy Monopoly wins.

Last but not least Younique – ahhh Younique my secret (not so secret) purple addiction, my aim is to help as many women as possible to learn to love their own skin again, gain confidence and enhance their natural beauty with the world of amazing cosmetics. I am going to be working this business like its going out of fashion.

This makes me happy, I shall keep referring to this blog post when I feel lost or a bit like I am going of track. I will also keep you updated with how the new years resolutions are going – trials and tribulations.


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The Royal Treatment ‚Äď Plant Based Loveliness

Extra Luxury bits…

Lets face it we all love a bit of luxury and indulgence … I have been heavily using and praising Younique’s skin care Regime, The Royalty Range, of late and these 3 little extras are just a fabulous enhancement of the already amazing lot.

Dry Skin? Sensitive Skin? Oily Skin? … Lets say goodbye to dry, flaky, irritating, red skin or makeup-sliding off all over¬†the face skin.

  • Royalty Uplift Beauty Serum
  • Royalty Instant Lift Beauty Serum
  • Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum¬†

Once you have cleansed and toned (and we all should be doing this by the way, I am adamant about that) add a little extra treat for your skin – Id be cracking up without it right now and I am not even exaggerating – The winter has taken its toll already. If I could go back to my younger self I would make sure that I cleansed, toned and moisutrised at the very least EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Anyway, Royalty Uplift Beauty Serum – Use after cleasing and toning (I use mine as part of my night time routine) Its silky, quick-absorbing serum helps hydrate skin and
maintain the balance of oils – you can actually feel your skin taking this in and I love the almost immediate glow it gives me (have I gushed enough yet?) oh yeah, and look how pretty it is …….

Uplift beauty serum.jpg

Gently massage a few drops in to the skin, enriched with Vitamins E & C, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with squalene, amongst other goodies. Then follow with your favoutite Royalty Moisturiser (I follow with the Time Correcting Night Cream – now thats a winning combo).

The Instant Lifiting Serum – We all need a lift here and there – tell me more…


Instant Lifting Serum

Rich and Creamy in texture – It uses a nature-inspired complex of amino acids that helps
reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – ooooo, clever little bottle isnt it? I use this after cleansing and toning as part of my morning routine, this is to be pressed in to the skin, focusing on areas that need a lift or have a few fine lines and by doing this I get a lift under my makeup – win, win – I look younger as the day goes on (I tell myself that anyway).

Last but not least…this little beauty – believe it or not I am GROWING my LASHES … Yes you heard it right and its working – the are getting longer and thicker and Im loving it ūüôā

Younique have excelled themselves with this bad boy – Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum

Lash Serum







This ‘magic’ wand holds a special blend of ingredients clinically proven to produce thicker, fuller, longer-looking lashes.
I use this on bare lashes morning and evening and I you can even apply your mascara over the top while it works its magic and it takes about 3 weeks but the results are impressive (Pics to follow, when Im full grown). Make no mistake this is clinically tested and very very cleverly formulated so do not underestimate the power of Y – if its worth doing, do it correctly.

Imagine adding these to an aready amazing system, I am oozing confidence in my own skin, I can go makeup free – anxiety free and have swapped my dry, flaky skin for silky smooth radience (most of the time anyway, but Ill settle for that).

In the words of Bruno¬† –¬† ‘Dont believe me?…Just watch’

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The Royal Treatment – Skin Care


Traditionally I am not a huge makeup wearer, although I love makeup, I can go a day or two without wearing any, as a dog walker the clients do not usually mind what I turn up looking like. This is why I am so passionate about skin care and nothing makes you feel better than your skin been as good as it can possibly be, clear and hydrated so I can go out makeup free without feeling self conscious.

I was sick of dry, flaky skin and chapped lips, and dry skin in my eyebrows, I mean what is that all about?

Personally, I have never suffered with ‘bad’ skin or regular outbreaks and for that I am lucky, but I have always had quite dull, patchy skin with dry areas and it used to drive me crazy feeling tight and uncomfortable and at its worse it is not pretty … it made me want to hide behind makeup, or my hands when I was talking to someone. It saddens me when women tell me they ‘have to wear makeup’ or that they ‘would scare people without it’ and I know we all joke but for people who really believe that Id love to be able to help them be confident in their own skin – so its a pleasure to share something that has REALLY worked for me and transformed my skin.

I have been using Younique’s Royalty Skin Care Range now for several months (I did get some freebies in the starter kit and thank god I did because I LOVE It! I have now invested in the lot). I wanted to give it a good try before raving about it but I can honestly say my skin is 100% better, more radiant and brighter and I now use the whole range like part of my daily routine, like eating and drinking, its a must.¬†

I like the fact that it is a plant based, natural product, that is has been clinically formulated and tested, that it is toxin free, never tested on animals, hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin, loaded with vitamins and really really easy to use.

3 Main skin types are Oily, Combination and Normal to Dry. The Royalty Range system suits all skin types with just a few options and I like about it, Endless department store options just confuse me and I haven’t the time or the money to try them all until something, hopefully, eventually works and doesn’t then become discontinued once you have found a great product.

So, There are 2 Cleanser options which are easy to choose between (Pore Purifying or Moisture Boosting) The majority of us will be the moisture boosting option and if you have really Oily Skin or adolescent skin you will need the Pore Purifying option. (see video link for further info and as usual, YouTube likes & subscribes much appreciated)

AM ROUTINE – Cleanser (Pore purifying or moisture boosting) – Rose Water Spritz – Instant Uplift Serum – Day Cream (3 Day Cream Options available)

PM ROUTINE – Identified Cleanser – Rose Water Spritz – Uplift Beauty Serum – Time Correcting Night Cream

JOB DONE … This routine will clean, calm, smooth and nourish your skin – prepare to feel more confident in your own skin!

And do not even get me started on the 14 day money back Love it guarantee.




Treat Yourself – You deserve it!


I intend to make this one count, live it, love it, be inspired and Grow.

Anyway, the reason for this blog was to share what I believe is the 1st step to self development and that is learning to love yourself, a bit of cheese I know, but its so true and I didn’t really understand this until very recently, I am a good, decent person (I have even been described as funny, having said that I have also being described as ditsy and ‘very blonde’) and that should be honoured, perfect? No where near ha ha and that is okay.

I subscribed to Birchbox this month just for a special offer really, but I have decided to keep it on as a monthly ‘treat’ I deserve it and I like it so that is that, and the inspiration for this blog post … Review link below¬†


Achieving self-love and true happiness comes from within and I am no expert in this field at all, but from personal experience it is the small things that start this cycle, You are not going to wake up one morning and suddenly think you are the best thing since sliced bread – its going to take time and some serious dedication. A Birchbox subscription is not going to fix all your problems, obviously. I am just making the point that you have to have something for you, that is yours. It does not have to be a gift or material product but could just be a half an hour a week that is yours and only yours to read your fav magazine, drink your fav coffee or just soak in a hot bubble bath, or whatever floats your de-stressing boat.

Take some time to do something you love and believe that you deserve that time, unless it is an absolute life or death emergency you do not sacrifice your treat Рput it in your diary as an important appointment.

Alongside your decided treat, make a list of things that you like about yourself AND the things that you are good at, and say them to yourself every morning and every night Рalways focus on the positives because even on your very darkest day a positive can be found (If you look hard enough) and this is what should lead you to the next day and the day after that. 

I do not have a list but I do this in my head, a lot, and it works –¬† I am a much stronger person than I ever thought could exist just from a few small steps and a lot of patience – I no-longer want to be someone else.




What is MLM anyway?, I hear you!

I asked myself this very question the 1st time I heard it, just a few months ago in fact, and all I can say is that its like a parallel¬†universe that only people who are living it and working it can really understand, Im learning – FAST! and I LOVE IT! I joined Younique as a Presenter thinking that was just that, oh nooooooo! Think again …. hence, the new world.

MLM – Multi-Level Marketing – To me (a few months ago) and you, selling something via social media / Networking whilst building a Team of like minded people to do what you do and love it all the same. Now that really is the short version and quite a flippant view because it is so so so much more …


QUESTION! Does anyone else do a job that offers the following?…

  • An Open Opportunity, No matter who you are and where you came from, what you did or didn’t¬†do?
  • Self-Development, Growth & Confidence in abundance?
  • Flexibility, I don’t mean eating your sandwich at a time that suits you between 1pm and 2pm, I mean go out all day and work all night if it suits you kind of flexibility?
  • Inspiration?
  • HUGE Earning Potential – Financially and Personally?

I know there are great careers and amazing jobs out there and I believe you can be truly happy with in your chosen career, but I just think that they are few and far between in today’s society, and I much prefer to think that I am in charge of my own destiny – it just seems to work for me – like Ive found my calling – like the proverbial¬†duck to water.

I cannot tell you the amount of people who I speak to, daily, whom are unhappy in their work, under paid, under valued and struggling to get a work / life balance or they’re¬†having a hard time every time their child is poorly and they need an hour / day off – it can become literally soul destroying and actually cause depression and anxiety for a good part of our population. This is a true story for me, this was my story – I battled with anxiety for many years, I suppose I still am really, but I do know that for me it is now so much more manageable and I have learned to forgive¬† myself for a down day and now reach for the inspiration that I previously refereed to, to get up tomorrow put my lippie on get my sh*t together (as the saying goes).

I am not saying for a second that everybody should go in to MLM or working from home, or be self-employed etc because that would just be irresponsible and ridiculous, because its hard and brings a whole other world of stress but for me I just prefer this path, because its MINE. I am merely suggesting that it may just be for you, as it is for me, and if you have any of the above mentioned problems, or others that I have not mentioned and there are a lot, there are options, because so much more than I ever imagined exists and is out there waiting for takers. Having said that I can only really comment on my experience with Younique so far as I have never ever been with another MLM company in my life so I am embracing the ‘Y-world with everything that I have’.

IS IT EASY? Absolutely not, there are no quick bucks to be made (long term at least) and you have to want it, work hard, show up every day and own it, you have to take every opportunity that comes and most of all be consistent and be prepared for knocks because they come too but guess what? You have to get up, each and every time and then when all this pays off, and done correctly it will, every fall will become valuable to being a better version of you and taking your business and personal development to the next level, and then the next and then the next….

…and if it did all come crashing down tomorrow, I can honestly say hand on heart that I have lost nothing, I will have gained valuable time as a stay at home mum and spent so much quality time with my boys than ever before and for that I am truly grateful, I will have learned a lot about myself, gained so much self-respect and self-belief I never thought existed, I will have made some inspiring and beautiful new friends. I’ve even learned how to do a Facebook Live without dying inside…Me? Live on Facebook?! No!!!!!!!!! ……. I bloody did and do (Loads too).

Todays Live (with a cold may I add, getting ballsy now) …